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A complete fire protection system based on wireless smoke detectors

02/10/2015 03:51:56 In Solutions
google nest, smoke detectors
Affordable, easy to install solution, integrating with Loxone or KNX

How to get a better Door Access Controller in Loxone

01/30/2015 06:05:31 In Solutions
rfid reader, arduino, access control, mifare, door controller
Use any security device in Loxone and manage access rights in the Loxone App.

Hotel Abbey, Grimbergen

12/03/2014 11:26:34 In References

the Snom 821 phone as a door video monitor

06/18/2014 13:58:07 In Solutions
snom 821, loxone, intercom, mobotix, video door station
The Snom 821 has a color display and can be used as a monitor for any IP video door station

The ultimate ICT product for small businesses

03/24/2014 06:13:09 In Solutions
router, pbx, small business, network, voip, vpn, wifi
A router with integrated IP-PBX makes it simple to manage your network and VoIP phones, including all features for small business, like VPNs and Wifi

Why choose odoo 8 to run your website or online store

03/13/2014 16:49:36 In Solutions
staylocal bvba, openerp, website, ecommerce, crm, for small business, magento, wordpress, marketing, website builder
We help small businesses migrate to OpenERP and build their website and online shop