The ultimate ICT product for small businesses


A fully-featured router and PBX in a single box

The Draytek VigorIPPBX 2820n is a unique product that has a number of advantages by combining a full-featured router and IP-PBX in a single device, at a low price, tailored to small businesses with up to 50 extensions and home offices.


You need a router to manage and protect network access. Any business needs a router with capabilities beyond the ones typically provided in the routers combined in the cable modem or ADSL modem from your internet provider, or the ones sold in stores (like Linksys, D-link, etc):

  • bandwidth management and QoS assign bandwidth where needed
  • high availability, failover internet connection and load-balancing make sure you can always access your cloud based applications
  • firewall, VLANs and rules protect your network from the outside and devices on the inside. Internet access can be restricted by content typepe, URL or application
  • WLAN with multiple SSIDs allow internet access to customers and guests, without exposing your internal network or loosing bandwidth
  • VPNs to connect remote branches or your home office via LAN-2-LAN connection, or connect to your office when on the road.


You want to make sure that any call from a customer is answered. People get annoyed when no-one picks up, or when they have to wait and listen to a ringing tone. You may want to play a nice welcome message message with background music instead, while routing the caller to the right person, by DDI, auto-attendant, IVR, hunt group or queue, or pass on the call to someone else or voice mail when that person is not available. You likely also want different messages and actions when the office is closed.

For that, you need a PBX. Typically such systems cost more (1000 - 3000 euro) and are difficult to implement and configure. Small offices often opt for a hosted solution to reduce the complexity, however that still presents some problems to connect multiple phones from behind your router.

PBX + router

The DayTek IPPBX on the other hand is easy to install and maintain, as everything is in one box with the router, easy to configure, and is a bargain at 499 euro (excl. VAT).

You're not adding another system and possible point of failure, and you do not have to worry about the typical VoIP problems when installing an IPPBX behind a NAT router, because the IPPBX is in the router. You don't need to configure port forwarding or use measures like STUN to keep it working. The QoS automatically prioritizes all VoIP traffic, guaranteeing good voice quality without stutter.

It is also easier to connect a remote VoIP phone over the internet or VPN.


You can connect up to 12 VoIP SIP trunks, 2 ISDN lines (4 voice channels), and 1 analog PSTN line. All ports are built in. You can use the mix of trunks to choose the cheapest route, use another trunk as a failover, or add additional voice channels.
  • 4 employees are simultaneously taking over the 4 ISDN channels. When a 5th employee calls, a VoIP trunk or the PSTN line is used
  • When a customer calls you on your VoIP SIP number but your internet connection is down, your SIP provider redirects the call to your ISDN or PSTN number. 
Also the phones can be a mix of VoIP phones, ISDN phones on the S0 bus, or an analog phone or fax. This also allows phased migration or integration with an old system.


Since the 2 latest firmware updates, we are very happy with the quality. We have customers with this system installed for over 2 years and without any failure. Customers are:
  • a 10 person main office + 4 remote branches with 3 employees each. The PBX is in the main office primarily using ISDN lines. Calls between the branches are over VoIP and free of charge.
  • a home office using a SIP trunk only, 3 Snom phones, Mobotix video phone, Android SIP client.
  • a Service Flat residence using the system for emergency alarm calls
  • a hotel, with a nice auto-attendant, music on hold, an IVR to services and room numbers, and to offer secured internet access to hotel guest 

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