Why choose odoo 8 to run your website or online store

odoo was previously called OpenERP

The new OpenERP version 8, to be released Q2 - 2014, now has been extended with CMS and eCommerce functionality.

The way it has been designed, as a front-end to the ERP system, with amazingly simple editing, makes it different but a strong contender to the traditional systems like Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress and Magento.

When only a website is needed, the ERP system can be installed including only the CRM and CMS modules. When the company grows, additional functionality can be added with a single click (e.g. webstore, POS, accounting, project management, ...)

Have a look at this video and see how a website can be edited directly by a marketing person or a single business owner. With traditional systems, when you have a promotion that should be published on you website, you need a designer to create the content. Then you need the website administrator to go through the menu structure to add the content in the right location. Often, this process takes too much time to publish the promotion in time.

All information is only in 1 location: the ERP system: users, customers, products, prices, discounts, stock, invoices, events, job postings, etc. The front-end makes this information available on the web. This makes it possible to create a dynamic, complete and always up-to-date website.

The CMS, eCommerce, and ERP being one single system removes all the complexity and integration issues. e.g. you do not have to think where the data should reside and in what direction must be synchronized; you do not have to manage users and access rights in 2 or more systems.

We will definitely switch over some of our websites and shops to this platform immediately when it is released, and extend our expertise in this solution, because this product is a perfect fit with our goal to select and offer the best low cost solutions for SMEs.

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