Answer every customer call

When your customers call, they don't like to wait for someone to answer. They get more and more annoyed with every ringing tone they hear. Even worse is when there is no answer at all.

We offer solutions that focus on

  • making sure any call is always answered
    • as soon as possible
    • by the right person directly or via an auto-attendant
  • connectivity to employees, whether in the office, at home or on the road
  • automating a dynamic configuration, e.g. depending on time, presence, location
  • integration of phones with other functions, e.g. door videophone, paging, monitoring, access control, or use your phone to fully control your building automation

Our solutions are based on the Draytek Vigor IP-PBX which combines an easy to configure PBX in a quality router, at an incredible price. Furthermore, the solution combines SIP, ISDN and analog lines allowing guaranteed service and phased migration from an old telephone system.

We implement VoIP SIP phones in the office and remote locations, offering flexibility and extensive integration with other functions.


Connecting people


Routing calls

Work from home

Connect a VoIP phone at home to your PBX at the office, and use it as if you are in the office

Connect remote offices

All phones can be local extensions connected to 1 PBX. Calls between offices are free

Door bell video station

Receive video calls on your phone when someone rings the door bell, wherever you are, and open the door

Hunt groups, queues and rules

Routing calls to the appropriate available employee or team


Answer any call immediately with a nice welcome message and background music

Voice-mail to e-mail

Receive your voice mails in email for immediate notification and listening

If you have a small office, a shop with one phone, or a home office, then you might not need a PBX. Just a VoIP phone connecting to a SIP provider might give you a quick, flexible and cheap solution. We can help you make best choice or set up your phone, router and SIP service.