Do more, more efficiently, with less

Huge savings ahead

The bring your own device (BYOD) movement,  and the usage of services and applications in the cloud is gaining undeniable momentum in the business world.

  • Advanced business applications offering a Saas solution can be setup with a click of a button, and are maintained without requiring any IT personel of your own to install systems, keep your software running, install upgrades, make backups.
  • When no client software needs to be installed, employees can use their own prefered devices, including tablets, to work at the office or from home. You no longer need to invested in quickly devaluating hardware and pay for licences and maintenance.
  • Integrated and complete business applications simplify processes and greatly reduce administrative work, which makes your job more pleasant and efficient, allowing you to do more and focus on the important stuff.

Most businesses could do most things with just 2 tools:

1. odoo (formerly OpenERP) for Belgian Accounting, Sales, Invoicing, Payments, Purchase Management, Logistics, Warehouse Management, CRM, POS, website, blog, eCommerce, Project Managent, Events Organization, Marketing Campaigns, Mass mailings, HRM, Timesheets, Fleet Management, and many more...

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2. Google Apps for Businesses for e-mail, calendars, cloud storage, document management and collaboration, SEO, SEA, analytics, and scripts and 3rd party applications that seamlessly integrate into Google Apps.

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