Loxone Miniserver

Loxone Miniserver

453.92 € 453.92 EUR

453.92 €

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8DI, 8DO (5A relais), 4AI, 4AO, Loxone Link, Ethernet, KNX

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  • Digital Inputs: 8 (or 12 using analog inputs)

  • Relays Outputs: 8 5A!  (or 12 using analog outputs + external relays)
    Be careful not to connect large LED lighting circuits directly via these relais. LED lights have a high inrush current which can damage the relays. Use these on control-contacts like on garage doors, heating/cooling, or for electronic locks, or for signalling, or for controlling auxiliary relays.
    We advise to use the Loxone Relay Extension, which has 16A relais, to directly connect lighting circuits.
    The 4 analog outputs can also be used to control these auxiliary 16A relays. 

  • Analog Inputs: 4

  • Analog Outputs: 4


  • Loxone Link

  • Ethernet

  • KNX 


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