Loxone Dimmer Extension

Loxone Dimmer Extension

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With the Loxone Dimmer Extension you can dim all types of lights including LEDs. Simple!

The Loxone Dimmer Extension allows you to dim any type of mains light!

  • Dim lightbulbs, halogen downlights, dimmable CFL or LEDs
  • Simple to connect to your Loxone Miniserver
  • 4 dimmer channels and 8 extra digital inputs


4 Dimming channels: Channel 1: 400 Watt, Channel 2-4: 210 Watt
Dimensions: 156 x 88 x 57mm (T9 housing)
1030 Total load: Suitable for resistive, capacitive and inductive loads
Power supply: 24 VDC
Universal Dimmer
No minimum load
8 digital inputs 24VDC
Easy connection to the Loxone Link

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