Loxone Glass Break Sensor 24V

Loxone Glass Break Sensor 24V

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27.23 €

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The glass break sensor detects the breaking of any glass window or door in your Loxone Smart Home, and contributes to greater home security.

  • Monitors flat glass surfaces with a radius of max. 2m
  • Recognises the characteristic vibration of breaking glass
  • Self adhesive film for easy attachment


  • Connects to a digital input 
  • Case Back: ceramic substrate with adhesive foil 
  • Contact: SPST NC 
  • Max. Switching voltage: 25V DC 
  • Max. Switching power: 350 mW 
  • Effective radius: 2 m 
  • Casing dimensions: 19 x 19 x 11 mm

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