NFC Smart Tags

NFC Smart Tags

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24.42 €

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With the new NFC Smart Tags, you can activate all your favourite Smart Home functions without opening up the App. Simply touch the smart tag with your Android device to perform an action of your choice: open the door, activate or deactivate the alarm, or open the app at a particular function.

  • Instant control of lighting, music, blinds and more
  • Lightning fast navigation through the App
  • Stick them anywhere you like - on the wall, in the car, under the table
  • Create and save NFC Smart Tag commands easily via the Loxone app
  • Safe: authentication through the Loxone App
  • 25 durable NFC tags with permanent marker


Chipset: NXP NTAG 216
Range: 1-30mm
Features: 7-byte serial number, read/write, read only, re-writable
Material: PVC
Frequency: HF 13.56MHz
Safety Standards: ISO 14 443-2 , ISO 14 443-3 A, NFC-Forum Type 2
Storage capacity: 888 Byte (NDEF: 868 Byte)
Shape: Round
Diameter: 30mm

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