Double switching relay

Double switching relay

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2 CO contacts potential free 16A/250V AC
Universal Control signal between 10V and 230V, AC or DC

incandescent lamp load up to 2000W. No standby loss. Modular device for DIN-EN 60715 TH35 rail mounting. 1 module = 18mm wide, 58mm deep.

State-of-the-art hybrid technology combines advantages of nonwearing electronic control with high capacity of special relays.
Low switching noise. Contact position indicator with LED.
Integrated free-wheeling anti-surge diode (A1 = +, A2 = -).

By using a bistable relay coil power loss and heating is avoided even in the on mode.

The relay contact can be open or closed when putting into operation. It will be synchronised at
first operation.

This relay is not suitable to feed back the switching voltage signal of a dimmer switch. 

This electronic switchgear represents the latest generation:
The electronics does not have an internal power supply and therefore no standby loss.
The microcontroller is activated when the control contact closes. This switches the bistable
relay to the correct direction. The bistable relay switches back either when the control contact
opens or when the control voltage falls.

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