Motion Sensor Air

Motion Sensor Air

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With the Loxone Motion Sensor Air your Loxone Smart Home reliably detects motion and brightness. As one of the most important sensors in the smart home, it provides information for useful features like alarms, lighting and energy saving.

  • Reliably detects motion
  • Integrated brightness sensor (0.045-188000 Lux)
  • Easy integrated via Loxone Air and fully updatable
  • High detection range of 360 ° with 110 ° viewing angle
  • Stable mounting plate for easy installation on the ceiling, wall or on a 68mm flush box
  • Power supply via battery or 24V DC power supply

Our review

We have tested the Motion Sensor Air and we installed a few in different locations, from a complete dark and empty room to an office room with large windows facing a busy street. There are 4 sensitivity levels. We set them all to the highest level and did not test any other levels because this level worked for all purposes (presence and burglar alarm) without triggering false alarm, even not the one in the office mounted on the ceiling at 3m from the window and street.

The parameter Overrun duration is per default set to Long - 300 seconds. We think it should be Short - 3 seconds to be useful for multiple purposes so we changed that immediately: the Miniserver can easily handle a different overrun time for each purpose, e.g. in a bathroom it can be just 5 minutes if you can also switch it to 30 minutes when taking a shower.

Is it a motion sensor or a presence sensor? Well, it will not detect presence when you're working on your computer and making small head or body movements. When body movements are bigger, e.g like 0.5m it registers motion quite well.  So to make it work for us, i.e. without the lights and heating switching off when there is only 1 person in the office working the whole day, we had to set the overrun to 1 hour.

We are still looking for cats and dogs to test if they would trigger the sensor.

There is only 1 output for motion detection. There is an extra output Alarm, however we did not find a way to trigger this output, nor could find documentation that tells us the purpose of this output.

If you need a more sensitive presence detector, then we would recommend KNX presence detectors with 3 or 4 sensors, with multiple signals and sensitivity levels: 1 fixed for presence and 2 for motion, selectable by Loxone.  An other option is the relatively cheap Niko motions sensor with sensitivity turned up to a level where it gives small pulses on small movements.

The built-in brightness sensor proved useful in the office to turn off the lights when the sun is shining, or on when it's getting too dark due to heavy clouds. This required some threshold tuning.

The Air wireless range was better than we expected when powered on batteries, and it's even better when powered on 24V DC. On 24V DC, it's also an Air repeater.

Conclusion: A motion or presence detector is a very useful component in automating things, saving energy, and securing premises, but it is often difficult to install because you need wiring for power and for a signal back to the Miniserver.  The Motion Sensor Air makes it really easy to add detectors on ceilings, requiring no cabling at all when operating on batteries, nor using any (expensive) inputs of the Miniserver. It's ideal to add on to any space where there is passage like hallways, toilets, garage, or where there is movement like the kitchen. It could also work in quit places like offices, study, TV room if you're okay with a long overrun time.


Power supply: 2x AA Batteries or via 24V DC
Power consumption: Battery. ca. ~150µW, 24V DC: ~85mW
Frequency: 868MHz (SRD Band Europa), 915MHz (ISM Band Region 2)
IP protection: IP20
Operating temperature: 0-55°C
Diameter: 95mm
Height: 18mm without Fresnel lens
Detection range: 360°
Viewing angle: 110°
Brightness: 0.045 - 188,000 Lux
8m detection radius with 3m ceiling height
Motion sensor
Brightness sensor
Status LED (2 colour)

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