Motion Sensor 24V 0.5 - 15m, 90° indoor/outdoor with light sensor

Motion Sensor 24V 0.5 - 15m, 90° indoor/outdoor with light sensor

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Adjustable sensitivitypower: 24V DCoutput: 24V DC signal via NPN- transistor. Lightsensor 3 - 300 lux via 0 - 10V output. For indoor use and outdoor with protective cap.

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Niko Motion Sensor 0.5m - 15m, 90 degrees

Power supply: 24Vdc  (saving energy: max current is <5mA)

The output is provided via a NPN transistor, not a relais, so it can not do light switching, but only signal the detection. Inside the detector, a pull-up resistor needs to be added between the 24Vdc and the Signal-Out. We add this resistor to the package. On no detection, the signal is high (+24Vdc), on detection it drops to Ground. In Loxone, you need to invert the digital input (add a dot on the input).

Sensitivity can be adjusted. On high sensitivity, you can program Loxone to interpret the level of motion or presence, based on pulse width and/or counting pulses.

This version also has a light sensor with sensitivity 3 - 300 lux, via a 0 - 10 V output. 

Can be installed outdoors when using the IP54 protective cap

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