RGBW LED Strip 5m

RGBW LED Strip 5m

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LED Strip with 300 RGBW LEDs. The strip can be divided at intervals and also extended.

  • Bright and highly energy efficient LEDs
  • Low power consumption
  • Can be divided and extended


Size: 5000x12x2mm (IP20) 
5000x12x3mm (IP65) 
5000x17x5mm (IP68)
LEDs: 300 LEDs per 5m
Can be cut: Every 6 LEDs (approx. 10 cm)
Brightness in Lumens Red: 600 - 800Lm 
Green: 650 - 1100Lm 
Blue: 300 - 550Lm 
Warm white: 160 - 2000Lm
Power consumption by channel 
per 5m strip (Max.)
Red: 20 Watt 
Green: 23 Watt 
Blue: 21 Watt 
Warm white: 22 Watt 
Max.: 86 Watt
Operating temperature: -25-+60°C
Protection: IP20, IP65 or IP68
Operating voltage: 24V DC
CRI: RGB: 80-85, WW: 90
Quality SMD LED Chips
Adequately sized conductor tracks
Durable, odourless coating (IP65, IP68)
120° angle
Adhesive strips on the underside

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