Why Sonos?

Why Sonos?

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Why would you go for a SONOS system?


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Connectivity and installation

- All components have both an ethernet connection and Wifi to connect either wired or wireless to your local network. 
- Speakers can be placed anywhere, or temporarily relocated for e.g. a garden party
- Speakers can be rearranged in stereo pairs and grouped to play the same music simutaneously, or groups of speaker can play different music, or at different volume levels
- When connected via Wifi, the ethernet port is bridged and can be used to connect other equipment that does not have Wifi (e.g. printer, VoIP phone).
- PLAY:5 and CONNECT offer 2 bridged ethernet ports, to connect multiple speakers or other devices.
- PLAY:5, CONNECT and CONNECT:AMP include a Line-In which allows you to stream any analog audio signal to any or all speakers in your system
- Easy to intall on a wall with optional wall mounts
- Unlike many other systems, you do not need another device like an IPad to access the music and from there stream it on to the (single) speaker. The Sonos systems connect to the streams directly + distributes and synchronizes the music on multiple speakers

Music (and audio signals) you can play or stream throughout the system

- music files stored on PCs or NASs in your network
- music on iPhone, Ipad and Android mobile devices
- analog audio via the Line-In of a PLAY:5, CONNECT or CONNECT:AMP
- Internet Radio
- Many music services, some free, some paying
  - Spotify
  - Deezer
  - Google Play All Access
  - SoundCloud
  - 8tracks
  - etc...
allowing continuous play of varied music per music genre, without voice-over or other interuptions, ideal for background music in offices, shops, restaurants.

Each speaker in a single system can play different music from a single music service account

Control and automation

- individual speakers and the complete system can be fully controlled via the Sonos App, which can be installed on any iPhone, iPad, Android mobile device, as well as on Windows PCs and Mac's
- speakers can be set to start/stop playing automatically according to a schedule via the Alarm function. It can also be used as an alarm clock.
- speakers can be fully controlled by other devices via IP (soap messages), e.g. for control via light swithes on the wall, or via IR remote controls.
- Loxone is pre-configured with many IP commands for Sonos
- smartbusinesstools can help you find any commands and integrate with other systems

Usage examples with automation

- background music in an office, shop or restaurant, swithes on automatically during office hours, and off at night to save energy.
- music genre and volume changes depending of the time of the day
- when the phone rings or when you make a call, the music volume near the phone is reduced
- at closing time, a message is played automatically on all speakers
- on fire alarm, an evacuation message is played
- on a burglar alarm, a loud sirene sound is played to scare away the burglar

- music in a bathoom plays whenever the light is on
- news radio is played in the morning, ambient soothing music is played just before bed time
- light switch buttons allow to choose a different preset channel, skip the current track, change volume

- a local speaker in the office is controlled by function keys on a desktop SNOM VoIP phone

- speakers at a TV set are controlled by the TV's remote contol

Why purchase from smartbusinesstools

- we offer free support to control the system via light switch buttons, IR remote controls and automation
- Sonos
 requires a good working network. We offer free support to optimize your LAN or Wifi network for Sonos
- Sonos can be used to play notification or alarm sounds, like a sirene for a burlgar alarm. We offer free support to enable this.

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