Draytek specializes in routers for small businesses 

It all starts with the selection of the right router. We know you want a secure and redundant business class Internet service.  Draytek offers all the must haves you can not compromise on. The best thing is DrayTek does all this at an incredible price point, while providing a qualtity product.

Your will always enjoy pristine audio in IP phone calls, high quality IP video links and mission critical robustness delivered by automatic failover/load balancing that will provide continuous and uninterrupted access to all critical cloud services when any one of the Internet link fails.

Moreover, you will have the following benefits when utilizing DrayTek routers:

  •       Enhanced security to protect the network and defend against most denial of service attacks
  •       Secure remote VPN tunnels to interconnect multiple offices, or to connect when on the road
  •       Control over what runs in the network; Limit access to time wasting and unsafe websites
  •       Fast and secure wireless access to the network; Multi SSID; 2.4G + 5G
  •       Central management of multiple Wifi Access Points for excellent coverage and control

Your company uses the Internet for everything. DrayTek routers combine two or more Internet links (Cable modem, VDSL, G4) to create a faster and more redundant Internet. Content filtering prevents loss of productivity and unauthorized content from degrading bandwidth. Once you have DrayTek speed and security you will never want to be without it!

check out some features

  • Gigabit Multi-WAN, Multi-LAN
  • 3G or 4G failover
  • Object Based Firewall
  • State-of-the-Art VPN Features
  • Web Content Filtering
  • VoIP optimized QoS and Bandwidth Management
  • VLAN Multi Subnets - Multi DHCP
  • WiFi 802.11n with Multi SSID and rate limit
  • Simple captive portal, User Management
  • Centralized Management via SNMP or TR-069
  • Central AP management


Things you can't do with the Telenet router or Belgacom Bbox

  • setup a 2nd Wifi for guests, with
    • a separate SSID and password
    • internet access only; no access to other systems on the LAN
    • limited bandwidth, and/or guaranteed bandwith for your 1ste Wifi
  • QoS traffic prioritization and bandwidth reservation for important applications or users, e.g. for VoIP, Video conferencing, Internet radio without interuptions
  • make permanent and secure LAN-to-LAN connection between your home and office's network, so you can access anything in your office from all your devices (PC, tablet, phone) from home.
  • restrict access to inappropriate content on the web. Filter on category (e.g. child protection), URLs or keywords.

Just like the cosumer brands of routers (Linksys, D-link, Asus) there are no license costs and firmware updates are free. Draytek is a little more expensive but you get a very reliable router that you never have to reboot, and that includes all features needed by small businesses. All features are included except an optional and inexpensive subscription to a third-party web content filter, which allows you to simply block access to inappropriate content on the internet (e.g. 'Child protection').

Draytek also offers:

  • routers with an IP-PBX built-in, including ISDN and analog trunks, at a low price
  • managed PoE switches
    • to easily add devices like VoIP phones and IP cameras that can use Power over Ethernet
    • to intelligently manage the traffic on the LAN for better quality 
    • to restrict access to devices
  • advanced WAPs (Wifi Access Points) that can operate in multiple modes:
    • to create a Wifi mesh for good coverage
    • to create a point-to-point wireless connection between 2 wired LANs
    • to act as a Wifi client to connect non-Wifi enabled devices to your Wifi network

Draytek also offers a VoIP phone, however, we do not recommend it because of limited features, and easthetics.

Smartbusinesstools is a Draytek expert

Purchase any Draytek product directly from our online shop, and you get unlimited technical and functional support for free.
This way, you are sure that you will get your product configured in the most optimal way. 
Also feel free to contact us beforehand, explain your intended infrastructure and applications and ask for advice.

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