Loxone discounts

Get up to 25% discounts on additional products in our webshop

Loxone imposes fixed prices on all Loxone products sold, so all prices advertised by us and anywhere else are exactly the same. However, as we do want to promote the Loxone system and we want to be an excellent Loxone partner to you, we will help you save money and get you the best possible solution, based on the Loxone system.

Less extra costs

As for any of our products, there is no shipping cost, within Belgium for orders >80 euro, nor within Europe for orders >800 euro. We intend to keep most Loxone products in stock at all times and ship the same day from Belgium, mostly via Bpost.

No extra payment costs. Depending on the type of your project and agreed upon payment conditions, we can offer you a payment discount. Feel free to contact us.

Discounts up to 25%

We extend the use of the Loxone system with many products so you get a more complete and fully integrated solution, and we offer great discounts up to 25% on those products that are not part of Loxone's offering (yet), and to our Loxone customers only. Examples of such products are:

  • Security (RFID, keypads, access control, ip cameras, sirenes, additional sensors, door locks, intercom indoor stations)

  • Loxone system protection  (backup power supply, backup communication, firewall protection)

  • Network improvements (Wifi APs, VPN remote access, QoS, VLANs)

  • VoIP communication 

  • Opentherm interface

  • Installed audio

Who gets these discounts?

You are considered our Loxone customer when you 

  • either, purchase a Loxone Miniserver from us

  • or, have purchased a total of >800 euro Loxone original products from us

How to get your discounts? 

  • as a returning customern you will automatically see lowered prices on non-Loxone products in the webshop when logged in with your account.

  • as a new customer, add products in our webshop to your shopping cart, checkout entering your full contact information, and select 'quotation only' as a payment method. You will first receive your quotation without discounts. We will manually assign the elligible discounts to your account and send you a new quotation with the discounted prices. You can then choose to either reject or accept and pay.

Discounts on services

We can save you time and money if we discuss your project with you, in person or via email, point out everything you need to think about, give you ideas, tell you best practices, help you get a precise idea of the products cost, and get you (or your electrician) prepared for the implementation.

You can get this service for free when you purchase a Loxone Miniserver from us upfront. Alternatively, you can only pay for this service now, and get fully reimbursed when you purchase a Loxone Miniserver from us later.