The Loxone Miniserver is the base component of a system geared to fully controlling and automating homes and small offices. In comparison to other systems on the market, we have chosen this one for it's completeness, i.e including all functions needed, and for the following key features:


You can visualize and control the complete system on iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, and in any webbbrowser, without any programming. Extensive function blocks are available to configure all functions, and they all come with a nice visualization part.


A KNX (EIB) interface is standard available on the Loxone Miniserver. In a smart building, the push buttons on the wall can have many functions other than lighting, and feedback of status information via leds is often very useful. 

Connecting an ordinary panel with multiple push buttons and leds to digital input and outputs is a lot of work and requires you to have many inputs/outputs available. Connecting a KNX panel to the KNX bus only requires you to connect 2 wires and does not use any inputs/outputs at the other end. Those panels also do more, e.g. some have a room thermometer built in, and can easily be extended  (e.g. adding more buttons).


Many interfaces or gateways are available to easily integrate all kinds of devices, bus systems, and wireless systems. Many systems are supported in the configuration and visualization, so you can truly have a central brain and a single app for all functions.