An open system for fully integrated building automation,

allowing easy and fast integration with your infrastructure,

offering  a high level of automation,

and a clean user interface, with everything in a single app


Smart home, smart office, large buildings, senior homes, ...

A single central app for all functions

We consistently use Loxone products for small and large projects, because

  • it's an open system, talking ip and other protocols, like KNX and others via the many available extensions
  • it's a very complete system, also offering its own bus and wireless protocols and many products, allowing fast implementation
  • many functions are available for free in the software, replacing many disparate systems
  • integration of the many functions in a building allow for extensive automation
  • it automatically builds the full and clean visualisation and control on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and in any web browser, for any function
  • all functions in a building can be managed in a single app
  • the end-user can make changes
  • it is reliabale
  • it is often a lot less expensive than competing systems

We have installed Loxone systems for full automation of private houses, offices, shops, and a hotel, and multiple apartments with common facilities. Furthermore, we have implemented all sorts of solutions with Loxone, including an personal alarm and monitoring system in senior homes, monitoring and alarms and in a production plant, and even a laundry machine payment system.

We offer advice for Loxone projects, saving you money and making sure you receive the maximum benefit from all features of the system in the best possible way, with integration with many other products.

We can offer full installation, configuration, hand-over or maintenance. In case you want to install the system yourself, or want to have it installed by your own electrician, then we offer assistance, training and support, making sure you get a fully working system.

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