Loxone Smoke Detector Air

Loxone Smoke Detector Air

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The new smoke detector with integrated Air technology ensures greater safety in your home!

  • Optical detection principle
  • For early fire detection
  • Operates autonomously 
  • With Loxone Air module for integration into a Loxone Smart Home
  • Includes 10 year, long-life battery


Detection method: Tyndall-Effect (light scattering)
Alarm indicator: Optical (red LED) and audible tone > 85dB(A)/3m
Operating voltage: 9V DC
Operating temperature: -10°C...+60°C
Humidity: 93% RH +/- 2% RH
Max. monitoring area: 60m2, maximum height of 6m
Maximum air speed: Max. 20m/s
Sensitivity: 0.15dB/m typically
Protection class: IP40
Housing material/colour: ABS / white
Dimensions (H x D): 56mm (including the base) x 110mm
Weight: Approx 0.18kg