Gigaset N300A-IP incl. 1x C530HX handset

Gigaset N300A-IP incl. 1x C530HX handset

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Base station + Handset + Charger
VoIP and Analog phone for up to 3 parallel calls

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Both VoIP and Analog in one phone

A simple system for up to 6 users, without requiring a PBX

  • The Base Station (the rectangular box) can connect to 1 analog line + up to 6 VoIP lines (accounts). Up to 3 incoming or outgoing calls can be made simultaneously: 2 VoIP calls + 1 analog call.
  • Because the Base Station is separate from the phone charger, it can be placed or mounted at the best central location for optimal DECT coverage throughout the building.
  • Up to 6 handsets (C530H handsets sold seperately) can connect to the Base Station. For each line, you can define which phones ring. You can transfer calls from one phone to another.
  • for outgoing calls, you can assign the line to be used per phone or based on the called number
  • The range can be extended in multiple directions by adding the Gigaset DECT repeater. (You can not place one repeater after another, but you can add mutliple repeaters in multiple directions)

Our review

  • It has the standard DECT specs for range (indoors up to 50m, outdoors up to 300m). Often, range is much less, caused by walls and floors in between, however, the range of this device is very good and much better than e.g. systems from Philips.
  • They advertise HDSP as fantastic sound quality. It's ok, but sound quality is clearly better on a desktop Snom phone.
  • It is a good system for a small office or shop where employees walk around. When people sit at their desk most of the time, we prefer a desktop phone for it's better quality, ease of use and features.